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MDS for MSOs - One software, Multiple Solutions

Multichannel Video Programming Distributors in Domestic and International markets rely on MDS for MSOs software to calculate all of their third party content fees. This software solution substantially reduces the days companies need to produce their content remittance backups and important reports for top management. MDS is the solution to calculate the largest cost of a MVPD with significantly lower inherent risk in a faster and more accurate fashion.  

Programming Fees Module

MDS has been selected by Major Programming Distributors in North America,  Asia Pacific and the Caribbean such as Dish Network, Cox Communications, Eastlink Canada, RCN, Cable One, GCI, Docomo Guam, and SETAR Aruba among others, to calculate the largest cost of their operations.

MDS software embodies all possible features required to reduce your ongoing monthly process allowing you to simply upload your original subscriber data, process the pre-loaded license fees for all of your networks and packages and produce the remittance backup.

PPV/VOD Module

Enables management of all PPV/VOD products/titles, upload of detailed information from subscriber billing reports/VOD servers, management of all PPV/VOD contracts with suppliers, and calculation of all related fees with applicable remittance backup. We have designed it to address the requirements of TVN and InDemand, however it can be used for any content provider.

Franchise Fees Module

Manage all of your individual Franchise contracts in one database and calculate your Franchise Fees by municipality based on multi-year term and specific revenue category in no time. You can transfer your Subscriber revenue data in numerous ways. Now you can calculate and analyze your data in a timely manner.


Our solution empowers Programming, Marketing and Advertising teams to dissect the actual variables and trends of your customers. MDS provides CRM teams with the necessary tools to create strategies and prevent churn or simply play with your retails elasticity.


For these purposes MDS' projections feature helps organizations to create a comprehensive set of operational projected data in no time. We understand that to produce true projected data it should be done at a detailed level and MDS allows you to work your data in this way.  As an example, you can now project your bulk subscribers separately from your residential customers . Any corrections, last minute additions are quickly done in MDS.

The ability to sandbox your projected data and deliver the projections before deadlines is now possible with MDS. 

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What's New

MDS v4.0  with new Budgeting Module now available!

Robust  tool enables subscriber projections at a detailed level.  Project accurate future programming cost based on actual contract terms and future channel lineups.  For NCTC Members, v4.0 includes a new, streamlined reporting interface with the NCTC