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Pre-Loaded Calculations

Only for NCTC members MDS software is pre-loaded with the NCTC calculations. This translates into a savings of time and money due to a faster implementation process.  

Media Database Solutions has developed an integral software solution to process all of your programming fees and related data in a fraction of the time your firm currently spends.

MDS for MSO's is our flagship software designed by former media auditors. Their 20 years of experience in certifying programming fees for Programmers such as ESPN, MTV and Turner among many others, assures the reliability of the software.

Furthermore, the NCTC acknowledges the accuracy of the payments and reports produced by MDS for MSO's and welcomes the use of our software solution. Over 30 NCTC members are currently using the software, including GCI, RCN, Cincinnati Bell, and HTC.

In the best interest of the NCTC members, Media Database Solutions and the NCTC have developed together the reports that would significantly reduce the monthly workload for its members. This customized NCTC subscriber report, with all required data fields, is formatted for direct upload into the NCTC database, and can be processed with the click of a button.

MDS for MSO's is proven to be fully implemented in less than 5 days for a Cable Operator offering up to 30 different channel lineups. The required time for your firm can be easily assessed in a linear fashion. The intuitive nature of this software solution reduces the learning curve to just a matter of days.

MDS for MSO's calculates all of your subscriber counts by user defined categories: residential, commercial, bulk, and free subscribers; by electronically transferring the data from your subscriber billing system or other electronic sources. Manual processing is no longer required.

MDS for MSO's maintains a monthly history of your channel lineups, informs you of the monies due and payments made, and in case of any correction, the prior period adjustment feature enables you to process any such adjustment in minutes.

MDS for MSO's will process 100% of your license fee calculations in the software. The software contains all required pre-programmed license fee calculations including flat fees, various penetration calculations, volume and channel carriage discounts, as well as retail rate based fees. The software is updated every time new contract terms/calculations are released by the programmers.

Our recently launched PPV/VOD module has been welcomed by the media industry and has been designed per TVN's and InDemand's guidelines. This module can be easily added to the core module. The design follows the same principles of reliability, ease of use, intuitive design and affordability. Avoid expensive outsourcing and take control of your own license fee calculations. Real data empowers you to administer this revenue stream in a more profitable manner.

The best part is that MDS for MSO's is absolutely affordable for any Pay TV Operator regardless of its size. The average ROI is two months.

Please contact us to schedule your online demo and/or software trial.

Irvin Hirschhorn .....................................(303) 475-2100 ihirschhorn@mdatas.com

NCTC pre-loaded reports

NCTC members would be provided with the set of reports required by the NCTC. Just enter your subs counts and MDS will do te rest: Calculate your fees and produce your reports in no time - more time and money savings!

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What's New

MDS v4.0  with new Budgeting Module now available!

Robust  tool enables subscriber projections at a detailed level.  Project accurate future programming cost based on actual contract terms and future channel lineups.  For NCTC Members, v4.0 includes a new, streamlined reporting interface with the NCTC