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MDS is an NCTC Approved Vendor, and we are now in our 10th year of our Distribution Agreement with the NCTC.  We have created a unique, customized approach for NCTC Members enabling us to serve even the smallest Pay TV Operators in a cost-effective manner. 

Media Database Solutions has developed Mission Critical Software to process all of your programming fees and related data in a fraction of the time your firm currently spends.

The software is preloaded with all of your NCTC Programming Contracts, and is updated weekly for all new terms and renewals.   This ensures that your license fee calculations are accurate, up to date, and future year’s contract terms are available for budgeting.

Our customized NCTC Subscriber Summary Upload replaces the manual entry of subscriber data on the NCTC website, saving significant administrative time.   This report was designed in conjunction with the NCTC, and just needs to be emailed to your NCTC rep for upload into their billing system.

The software also processes the license fees for your Direct and Local Broadcast channels.  Remittance Backup reports provide the detail for these networks, with multiple formatting options available.

MDS for MVPD's calculates all of your subscriber counts by user defined categories: residential, commercial, bulk, and free subscribers; by electronically transferring the data from your subscriber billing system or other electronic sources. Manual processing is no longer required.

Bulk and Gratis terms, including Bulk Floors and Gratis Subscriber Caps, as well as Bad Debt Deductions, are all processed through the software, ensuring contractual compliance.

Data is stored and maintained monthly, with easy access to historical data.  This facilitates research for programming audits, as well as Programmer inquiries.

Find out why over 50 NCTC members have been using the MDS Software for years.  Please contact us to schedule your online demo and/or software trial.

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Managed Services - Full Service Processing

Offload all of your Programming Fee Administrative Time.  MDS will perform all of your tasks, including running all required Remittance Backup Reports for the NCTC and Direct Networks, and all database maintenance.  Contact us to find out more.