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The constant pursuit of innovative technologies to develop breakthrough products and services that enhance organizations' operational efficiency.

Product Evolution

Media Database Solutions LLC (MDS) was founded in 2002 with the goal of developing software solutions for the Media Industry. Our Managing Partner, Irvin Hirschhorn, has more than 25 years of experience as auditors specializing in Telecommunications and Media Fees.

MDS's first objective was to develop licensing fee calculating software for Media Audits International (MAI), a corporation founded by Irvin Hirschhorn in 1993. MAI audited companies in both Domestic and International Markets starting in 1994. Based on its growth, performance and profitability, Media Audits International was acquired by the auditing firm Cable Audit Associates in 2005.

In 2008, using their experience and in-depth knowledge of calculating third party content license fees, Media Database Solutions began development on an improved and more robust software solution. Dedicated to meeting the technological requirements of the Media Industry for Programming Fee Management Software and related channels of distribution: TV, Mobile and Internet, MDS has committed significant resources to a comprehensive R&D department. We have worked with Cable and Satellite operators to understand and design the solutions that met both their needs and wants, and anticipated the trends of both Domestic and International Markets.

As a result in 2011, MDS launched MDS for MSOs, a software solution that meets our clients’ high-standards and complex requirements. By incorporating the feedback of MDS clients with our Continuous Improvement Practices we have been able to embody the ultimate requirements in the Media Industry in our cost-effective, state of the art platforms within our software solutions.

Today MDS for MSOs is a software proven by clients of all sizes and business models who have been using MDS for MSOs for more than 4 years.


- Offer software solutions that reduce or eliminate time-consuming manual processes

- Eliminate the need for costly in-house software development

- Replace spreadsheet software with a true database that maintains historical data

- Increase accuracy by automating subscriber and license fee calculations

- Streamline internal and external reporting through a single database

- Provide affordable solutions for small to mid size companies

- Partner with our customers in their growth process


Irvin Hirschhorn, Managing Partner.  Mr. Hirschhorn has served as Managing Partner of MDS since January 2008. Prior to then Mr. Hirschhorn served as Vice President International Operations for Cable Audit Associates. From 1994 through 2005 Mr. Hirschhorn was President/founder of Media Audits International Inc.

Previously, Mr. Hirschhorn worked for Price Waterhouse Coopers and obtained his CPA during that tenure.

Mr. Hirschhorn received a BS in Economics from the University of Pennsylvania/Wharton School of Business

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What's New

MDS v4.0  with new Budgeting Module now available!

Robust  tool enables subscriber projections at a detailed level.  Project accurate future programming cost based on actual contract terms and future channel lineups.  For NCTC Members, v4.0 includes a new, streamlined reporting interface with the NCTC